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Watch: Harris Appears on "Race and Campaign 2020"

We made the trip down to St. Paul and paid a visit to MaCalester College, one of the premier institutes of higher learning in the state, to sit down with professor Duchess Harris. She has a Ph.D. in American Studies, a law degree, political accolades from several governors in Minnesota's history and specializes in 20th-century African-American political history and civil rights.

The author of 40 books written on political thought said there's a lot to process when it comes to the 2020 Presidential Election. After a tumultuous nine months across the country as it relates to race relations, Harris said this election could be more charged than those in recent years.

"I think that people are more motivated to vote than they have been,” said. So, we can talk about these last nine months but in the Twin Cities alone, this has been going on for 5 years consistently with Jamar Clark in 2015 and then Philando Castile in 2016, and it just goes on and on and on."

>> Watch the video (Harris starts at 14:00)

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