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2022 Hybrid David Noble Lecture with Duchess Harris

In 1997, Duchess Harris’ University of MN American Studies doctoral dissertation, “From Kennedy to Combahee: Black Feminist Activism from 1960-1980” was nominated for the Ralph Henry Gabriel Prize. 25 years later, she returns as the David Noble lecturer to talk about the current relevance of her work. Her 2018 book, Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump is a definitive investigation of the mainstreaming of Black feminist politics in the 21st century.

Following on the success of Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Clinton (2009) and Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Obama (2011), this volume incorporates the Black women leaders of Black Lives Matter; contemporary Black feminist political stars like Rep. Maxine Waters; and the transformative influence of Black feminist political strategy and principles in mainstream U.S. politics, especially in the 2016 U.S. election.

Professor Harris will conclude her talk by asking, “Are Black women political elites like Vice President Kamala Harris, daughters of Combahee, or merely benefactors of those who have lived and are living a Black feminist praxis?


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