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VIDEO: Duchess Harris + Amy Zhou on "Share the Mic MN"

#WFMNXSHARETHEMICMN​​​​ a collaboration with the Women's Foundation of Minnesota and #SHARETHEMICMN​​​​ features Duchess Harris, Professor of American Studies at Macalester College and Amy Zhou, a Cabinet member who will share her perspective as a young, queer, Asian American woman fighting to take up space in government and policy, at a crucial point at the intersections of history, culture, identity, oppression, and power.

WFMN and #SHARETHEMICMN​​ share a vision of an inclusive and equitable Minnesota where every young Black, Indigenous, and woman of color thrives. Founded by Jasmine Brett Stringer in June 2020, #SHARETHEMICMN​​ expands the reach of Black and Brown women in Minnesota with connections that extend beyond a one-day media takeover.


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