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Harris Explores the American Identity with KCRW

"...DUCHESS HARRIS: White people need to learn that as much as you want to say that you do not see color, you must see color in terms of what your behavior is around all public policy issues. The late, great novelist James Baldwin said: I'm not sure if you're a racist, but I'm confident that I'm not in your unions, and not on your school boards. And he goes on down a list of all the spaces where people would have influence in society and those spaces lack Black leadership..." >> Listen to the show or read the transcript

Harris Offers Insight on Reckoning in MN

...“The important thing for people to note is what it means when a black mayor has leadership in what is essentially a white city,” Harris said. “That’s what St. Paul has to come to terms with. Can they listen to this black man?” >> Read the article now

What Comes After Peaceful Protests? Harris Weighs in on KPCC

As protests reach their 10th day across the country we're asking where do today’s protests sit in the history of demonstrations in this country calling for racial equality, civil rights and social justice? And what's next? We seek to understand the present, where we've been and where the movement goes next...(Duchess >> Listen on the KPCC website >> Listen on Apple Podcasts

TIME: Harris on Where the George Floyd Protests Fit Into American History

...The parallel I make is to Red Summer. You get the Spanish flu in 1918​, then​ in the summer of 1919 you get en masse race rebellions in the ​N​orth​, ​and it’s for several reasons. There is economic competition—black men have fought in World War I and have migrated from the South to the North partly for job opportunities. They’re not allowed to get jobs, even though they fought for their country. Then the Spanish Flu comes about. Then it’s summer. It’s hot. There are black people in cities who have never been there before, and then there’s white resistance. Part of what’s going on now is a pushback to the eight years of Obama in the White House​. ​With the Red Summer, part of the pushback

Identity Politics & Elite Capture

...The Combahee River Collective’s manifesto speaks from a deep understanding of elite capture, and represents a principled response to it. Their stance was informed by their experiences in movement politics. Historian Duchess Harris recounts that, in 1961, President John F. Kennedy convened a Commission on the Status of Women. It was split into four consultative bodies, one of which was the Consultation on Negro Women. This event inspired sequels, and the third National Conference of Commissions on the Status of Women birthed the meeting that founded the National Organization for Women (NOW), which founders hoped would serve as an “NAACP for women.”... >> Read the article in the Boston Revi

The death of George Floyd and the Covid-19 crisis offer a glimpse into our future

“The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is considered ‘summer’ for most people. For Black people, this is when the Amy Coopers of the world show up in the park and Black men like George Floyd can't breathe. The disregard for Black Lives was terrible before Covid-19.” The prescient words of Macalester College professor and award-winning author Miriam “Duchess” Harris are a reminder that fun will be a reward for what potentially will be one of the hottest summers of restrictions and racial discord African Americans in the Twin Cities will have ever experienced. Social distancing in the midst of social and societal discord... >> Read the article on Insight News

Social Justice-Centered Books to Amplify Voices and Educate Allies

The University of Arizona Press is committed to publishing the voices and scholarship of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx authors. In a world filled with injustices, racism, and inequalities, we encourage people to read books that will educate them on the experiences and perspectives of people of color, furthering understanding as we move forward. The books included in this post highlight social justice, resistance, and social movements— topics which are crucially important now and always... >> Check out the list

Harris Explores George Floyd Protests with WBEZ

Global protests broke out over the weekend in response to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Duchess Harris explores the “why” behind protests in various cities. >> Listen in on WBEZ

Duchess Joins the St. Louis Rising Radio Town Hall

Watch Duchess Harris as she joins the St. Louis Rising Radio Town Hall along with Mayor Quinton Lucas, Dr. Fred Echols, Dr. Rickie Keys, and others to discuss the George Floyd protests on 104.1. >> Watch now

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