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How World War II opened the door for one of the first black women at NASA

Excerpt from The Washington Post: "Have you ever seen a computer in a skirt? Duchess Harris has. In a photo submitted to Historically Black, a project by The Washington Post, Miriam Daniel Mann walks with purpose down a Hampton, Va., street in 1943, clutching a thick, hardcover book. She sports heels, a fashionable turban and a coat with two large buttons, the hemline of her plaid skirt peering out underneath..." >> Read the full story on The Washington Post

Duchess Harris shares grandmother's story in upcoming 'Hidden Human Computers: The Black Wom

Excerpt courtesy of MinnPost. "My grandmother was in the group of the first 11 black women recruited to work at NASA, and I’ve wanted to tell this story for 25 years,” said Miriam “Duchess” Harris, a professor and chair of the American Studies Department at Macalester College over a recent breakfast at one of her favorite eateries, the Downtowner in St. Paul.It’s an important story, important enough to be included in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture that opens Sept. 24, and now..." >> Read the full story on MinnPost.com

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